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To check the Webex Productivity Tools Version do one of the following:

  • On the Mac menu bar, select the Webex icon and select About.
  • Go to your Webex site and select Webex Meetings > Support > Downloads. For some customized Webex sites, you can view the Productivity Tools version by selecting Webex Meetings > Support > About instead.

If your installed version is not the latest version listed on your site, select Download under 'Productivity Tools' on the Downloads page of your Webex site to download the latest version.

WebEx Productivity Tools download. Starts, schedules and accesses WebEx Meeting sessions. Download Review Comments Questions & Answers Download the latest version from the developer's website. Version: (x86/x64) DOWNLOAD NOW Visit the home page webex.com. Additional links.

WebEx Productivity Tools allow you to schedule, start, and join meetings quickly without going to the Northwestern WebEx site. Once you've installed the WebEx Productivity Tools, just select the WebEx ball in Outlook to add a WebEx meeting to your calendar invitation.

  1. Click on the WebEx icon in the upper right of your display (by the time and WiFi icons) and select 'Check for Updates'. If WebEx icon is not by the time use Spotlight Search to find and open WebEx. Click on the WebEx icon by the time and Sign In with your [email protected] it will then check for.
  2. Install WebEx Productivity Tools on user's desktops using a software distribution tool, such as Microsoft SMS, IBM Tivoli, WebEx System Management, and so on. Request hosts to manually download WebEx Productivity tools from the Download section of WebEx Support pages.
  3. Under Support, click Downloads. Click WebEx Productivity Tools. Select your Windows or Mac version. Click the Download button. Walk through the WebEx Productivity Tools installation prompts. Open WebEx Productivity Tools and you'll see specific options outlined below. Click Edit WebEx Settings.
Follow these steps to install and configure the WebEx Productivity Tools. Note that you will need admin access to your computer to install the software.
  1. Log in to WebEx at https://northwestern.webex.com. If this is first time you're logging in, you will be prompted to download and install WebEx Productivity Tools. If you aren't prompted, select the Meeting Center tab and go to Support > Downloads.
  2. Once the cwptools.dmg has completed downloading, open it and install the software as you would any other software application. If you need assistance or admin access to install software, contact your local tech support personnel.
  3. Once the software has been installed, you will be prompted to configure it:
    1. Enter your @northwestern.edu email address and press Next.
    2. Select the northwestern.webex.com radio button and press Next.
    3. In the Online Passport, enter your NetID and NetID password and press Log In.
  4. Click Close to complete the installation.
  5. Open Outlook. In the upper right corner, click the WebEx ball to show the Productivity Tools available to you.

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Webex Productivity Tools Download Mac

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or via email at [email protected]

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