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P2 Viewer Plus Ver.2.3

  • Viewing Software

    P2 Viewer Plus

  • Ingesting Function Software Key


Download p2pCamViewer for iOS to this version was designed for iOS 6 and upper apple devices, It's a client used with plug and play IP cameras. Software Type Description Download; P2 Driver: Free — P2 Viewer Plus: Free: P2 Streaming Receiver: Free — P2 Network Setting Software: Free — CAC File for P2 Camera-Recorder.

* Not compatible with Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

This Software Supports P2 File Viewing, Copying, Metadata Editing and VariCam Workflow.
It also can be Added the Optional Functions such as Ingesting Function with a Paid License.

  • Supports VariCam's FILE NAME STYLE 'CINE' consists of camera index, reel no., clip no. and date of recording.
  • Rename Copy Function*1
    Copying clip by changing file name to the user name with reel No. or the date.
  • Allows VariCam's detailed camera metadata (e.g. Frame Rate/ISO/White Balance) to be displayed.
  • Supports P2 codec files, including AVC-Intra, AVC-LongG and AVC-Proxy files. Also supports 24 bit audio.
  • Displays text memos, text markers, HD 16:9 wide, and proxy clip information as marks on the thumbnail icons.
  • Provides the following clip playback operations*2: 1-frame feed/rewind, pause/resume, variable playback speed, loop, fullscreen playback and prioritized proxy playback.
  • Allows metadata to be displayed and edited.
  • Searches clips by category, metadata keys (using up to four keys), and full-text in metadata.
  • Enables edited metadata to be uploaded to a P2 camera recorder or other devices via a SD memory card.
  • Supports selected clips copy function. (Copying a medium or folder base is not supported)
  • Supports displaying information on P2 cards and formatting P2 cards
  • When adding optional ingesting function AJ-SK001G (required licensing fee) allows clips recorded on P2 cards to be bulk-copied to hard disks or other media.
  • Allows on/off setting of READ ONLY while ingesting or copying.
  • Allows recorded GPS data recorded onto the clip to be displayed.
  • AVCCAM Viewing function.
  • *1: Renamed clip cannot be used with the P2 products. When it is required to be used with the P2 products, the file name has to be changed to the P2 format using the rename copy function of the P2 Viewer Plus.
  • *2: Only compatible with the Windows version. The playback software must be installed separately. For details, please visit the download page.

Ingesting Function Software Key
(Optional, Subject to Lincensing Fee)


The Ingesting Function Copies All Clips on the P2 Cards to a Storing Medium such as an HDD. During Ingesting, the Clips are Verified for Secure Copying, with Log Files Created.

Bulk Clip Copying
All clips on to the P2 cards can be copied to a storing medium such as an HDD.
Registration of up to 100 Tasks
A maximum of 10 P2 cards can be specified as copy sources, and a maximum of 10 destinations can be specified as copy destinations, making a total of 100 registered tasks, which are processed in order in the background.
Verify Function
During ingesting, the files can be automatically verified individually for secure copying.
Log Function
During ingesting, individual log files can be automatically created as a processing record. The created logs are stored for a designated period, and can be searched by customizing conditions.

Product Contents

  1. A bag containing a keycode(bag displaying an AJ-SK001G label)
  2. Installation Guide 'Read before use'
  3. Software License Agreement
  • *The Ingesting functions can be used for a 30 day trial period free of charge.


  • PC System Requirements for P2Viewer Plus Ver.2.3 [Mac]

    * Not compatible with MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

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P2 Viewer Download Mac Download

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P2 Viewer Download Mac Os

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Panasonic P2 Viewer Software

SoftwareSupported Products

ELMO Interactive Toolbox 2 for Mac

This version requires a license key

Supported OS: MacOS 10.11 – 10.13 Only

Supported Models: PX-10 / PX-30 / TT-L1 / TT-X1 / MX-1 / MX-P / MO-1 / MO-1w / TT-12i / TT-12iD
Other Supported Models: CRA-1 / CRI-1 / CRB-2

Image Mate 3

Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 MacOS 10.6.8 – 10.13

Supported Models: MO-1 / MO-1w / TT-02RX / TT-12 / TT-12i / TT-12iD / P10HD / P30HD / P100HD
With Additional Driver Pack (Windows Only): TT-02u / TT-02s / P10S / P30S / P10 (2009) / P100 / P100N / HV-110u / CO-10

Intel Unite® Plugin for EIT

Supported Models: MX-1

Image Mate Accent for SRS

Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 MacOS 10.6.8 – 10.13

Supported Models: CRV-24 / CRV-32
Other Supported Models: CRA-1
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Image Mate Accent

Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 MacOS 10.6.8 – 10.13

Supported Models: CRA-1
Compatible Document Cameras / Visual Presenters: MO-1 / MO-1w / TT-02s / TT-02RX / TT-12 / TT-12i / TT-12iD / P10S / P30s / P30HD / P100 / P100N

Panasonic P2 Driver Download Mac

As of May 2018: Image Mate 4 is no longer offered. Please download ELMO Interactive Toolbox instead, which supports the same products supported by IM4.