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Aug 22, 2010 Actually, I’d rather download myself a free Macintosh OS X theme for Windows 7 rather than to waste my money on the actual thing. Plus, most applications refuse to cooperate with Apple’s Operating System, which is just a downer. Themes windows 7 free download - Acer Windows 7 Theme, Windows 7 Boot Updater, Lightning Windows 7 Theme, and many more programs.

Download amazing and awesome windows 7 themes for free. We offer desktop themes collection for your Windows 7 Operating System to improve the view and appearance of your devices.

Today in this article we are going to share the top and best awesome Windows 7 Themes that will make your desktop look amazing and the interesting thing is that all of these custom themes are created by Deviant Art users.

Awesome Windows 7 Themes Free Download

In order to download your favourite custom theme from this collection listed below, you will need to click on download link and you will be redirected directly to original designer page. From there you can easily download your favourite theme. Have a look at this list of best Windows 7 themes mentioned below:

Themes NameFilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Clean Green Theme85.6 KBFree-WindowsDownload Here
Woodstock Theme-Free-Windows
Download Here
Purity 7 Theme4.2 MBFree-WindowsDownload Here
7 Pro Final Theme4.4 MBFree-Windows
Download Here
Aero Diamond Theme12.3 MBFree-WindowsDownload Here
Natural Theme389 KBFree-Windows
Download Here
Adagio Theme60.7 KBFree-WindowsDownload Here
Alternative Theme4.0 MBFree-WindowsDownload Here
Ocean Life Theme128 KBFree-WindowsDownload Here
Iron Man Theme29.0 MBFree-WindowsDownload Here
Sico Theme-Free-WindowsDownload Here

Clean Green Theme

Woodstock Theme

Purity 7 Theme

7 Pro Final Theme

Aero Diamond Theme

Windows 7 Themes

Natural Theme

Adagio Theme

Alternative Theme

Ocean Life Theme

Iron Man Theme

Windows 7 Black Transparent Theme

Sico Theme

Elune Theme

Call of Duty 6 Theme

Placebo VS Theme

Skull Theme

Mac Theme Windows 7 Desktop Free Download

KUOS Theme

Wave VS Theme

Maverick Ubuntu Theme


Final Verdict

You can find out a lot of other Windows 7 Custom Theme packs but it will be difficult for users to find out best and quality themes to make their desktop look awesome. I hope you liked and found this collection of best windows 7 themes useful. If you have any suggestions or queries regards this guide, do let us know in comments section.

Windows 7 is no doubt the most popular and highly efficient OS ever released by Microsoft, and this is the reason thousands of individuals haven’t shifted to newer OS versions yet. But despite all that efficiency and ease-of-use, your mind gets exhausted looking at a similar screen and interface for too long. I mean, why would anyone want to use the same thing if it isn’t modified every now and then. So, to tweak up your Windows 7 desktop and to add a layer of graphics creativity to it, we have prepared a list of best free Windows 7 themes.

While some of them change the theme color and get you new wallpapers, there are some themes that also modify your app icons, the interface of internal folders, symbols, taskbar, and overall appearance of your screen. And that too without paying for purchasing any of them.

Divided among multiple categories, these free Windows 7 themes will completely revamp your desktop and for the good. Check out this list of Windows 7 desktop themes and embellish your desktop.

Take Note. Many of the PC themes for Windows 7 described in the list are third-party apps. To patch them with the Windows 7 personalization settings, you need to download UltraUXThemePatcher. This would load any theme you download from an external source on your general settings for changing desktop styles.

Download These Windows 7 Desktop Themes For Exciting Interfaces

Windows 7 Dark Themes

1. Dynamic Black

Available on art community platform Deviantart, Dynamic Black is one of the most astonishing Windows 7 dark themes. It doesn’t only apply to the desktop, but also applies on icons, folder menus, This PC, and other sub-sections of a folder such as Properties. Though it is named Dynamic Black, it is mostly grey-over-black shades blended with a hint of red. To apply:

Step 1: Once you download it, you’ll see four files in the downloaded folder. There would be a folder that says Theme.

Step 2: Copy the content of those folders and paste them in folder path – C:WindowsResourcesThemes. You can then set the theme from Personalization settings.

2. VS Black

This HD theme for Windows 7 is an in-depth black shade theme with a tiny hint of green. To match up the contrast and better visibility of icons, it hasn’t been designed as a core black theme. The theme is applied to your Windows 7 desktop, file explorer, and taskbar menu. It also revamps your core app icons. Given that it changes the background of all the folders, it can be considered as a true dark Windows 7 theme.

3. Viewlix

This Windows 7 theme is for those who wish to have their system colors intact while applying a wide shade of black over them. Viewlix only works on your taskbar, folder backgrounds, some Microsoft supported apps such as VLC Media player, and other menus such as Start Menu and Control Panel. However, the icons remain intact as they are. Moreover, in some factors such as volume control panels, there are shades of blue, and green to keep the overall contrast light. In a personal opinion, this is the best one to try as it blends your original Windows 7 look with a new black shade, giving you a familiar outcome.

4. Windows 7 High-Contrast Black Theme

Final entry to this category is the old-school way to change your Windows 7 look into a dark contrast color theme. You can apply this theme without any external download and without any Patcher app. To apply Windows 7 high-contrast black theme:

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and got to Personalization.

Step 2: Select High-Contrast Black as your preferred theme and change your Windows 7 colors.

But, it’s obviously not that visually attractive as the other HD Windows themes.

Mac Theme Windows 7 Desktop Free Download

Deviantart Windows 7 Themes

Mac theme for windows 10

Deviantart is an art sharing community where artists, graphics designers, photographers, image editors, and videographers share their work to promote it and get it out to the world. Among these talented people are those who design OS themes, including themes for Windows 7. Here are the best ones of them:

5. Dishonored

For those who are game lovers, Dishonored is the best HD theme for Windows they can dream for. Inspired by the video game of the same name, the theme consists of fonts, designs, and wallpapers that would keep your PC’s interface within the adventures of Isles (the place where Dishonored is set). It changes the format of the desktop along with fonts and folder-backgrounds, however, the icon changes are limited to in-built Microsoft Windows apps.

After you download this from Deviantart, just follow the same process as above for installation and application. Ensure that you have UltraUXThemePatcher pre-installed.

6. Alienware

Though it is named after the famous computer manufacturer, you mustn’t go there. The idea behind this Windows 7 desktop theme is to convert your system’s interface to that of some futuristic machine based on some outer-space alien technology. Combining jet black color with a heavy presence of blue, the theme offers some of the finest futuristic visuals in forms of icons, wallpapers, and changes in folder styles. From file explorer to the start-up menu to control panel options and in-built applications, all of it experiences a drastic change in individual interfaces. But, in case blue isn’t your color, then this one’s not for you.

7. Daft Punk

Though it does not match up to other HD themes for Windows 7, it is a bit funky. If you’re in love with the music of Daft Punk and if songs, like Get Lucky and Lose Yourself to Dance, are on your playlist, you’re gonna love this one. It is mostly a dark theme, supported by Daft Punk inspired wallpapers and that helmet-like start button. The app changes the font color over the desktop and folders to sort of some beige shade. The best part is that it remains transparent throughout with those extravagant wallpapers shining in the background.

Mac Theme Windows 7 Desktop Free Download

Mac Themes for Windows 7

8. macOS Catalina Skinpack

With this PC theme for Windows 7, you can now enjoy the feel of macOS Catalina, the latest in line with Apple’s operating systems for MacBooks. The skin pack adds up a Mac-style taskbar on the desktop, and even change the theme color, folder styles, and fonts as they are in Mac. In fact, even the folder icons appear blue as they are in Mac. The only disadvantage here is that it uses Apple’s signature app icons against Microsoft apps. For example, Microsoft Edge would be signified by Safari’s symbol.

9. OS X Snow Leopard Theme

The OS X Snow Leopard was known for its basic but elegant interface and that white-color inspired theme. Here it is been a little bit tweaked. The Apple signature button works as your start-menu and the Finder works as This PC. The taskbar is the same as the signature taskbar in MacBooks. Once again here, the signatory Apple app icons designate the official Windows applications. The icon part is a drawback in this Windows 7 theme because it uses too much of the Apple apps logo over the Windows app, and that too regardless of the type of app. This creates confusion among users as they have the tendency to recognize the app by their designated icons.

10. macOS Dark

Dark Mode on Apple wasn’t even a thing until very recently. Even before Windows 10, there wasn’t any official Dark color theme on Windows PC as well. But macOS Dark is a Windows 7 theme-cum-skin pack, which allows Windows 7 users to superimpose a Mac screen on their desktops, that too in dark shades. The best part about this theme is that it tries to keep the feel of Windows 7 intact, while it changes the folders, desktop style, and icons just like they are in macOS. Yes, the Apple taskbar remains there, which is of hardly any use; however, you can customize it on your own to make it work for you.

Anime-Inspired Themes for Windows 7

11. Naruto-Akatsuki

When the topic is Anime, Naruto has to be a part of it. One of the longest-running Anime-series, Naruto is a global sensation and anime fans love the show by heart. Applying this Windows 7 theme on your desktop, you can relive those Naruto moments every time you are on your PC. The theme pack comprise of 45 HD wallpapers inspired by the anime and has custom sounds embedded in it. Moreover, it changes every single icon on your desktop and internal folders into artifacts from Naruto. Besides that, there’s a variety of cursors again inspired by fantastic weaponry from the show.

12. One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man has become another anime sensation among the global fans, especially after it has been made available on the content streaming platform Netflix. This theme for Windows 7, works as if you’re being drawn into that world through its numerous HD wallpapers of One-Punch characters. The cursor has been modified into different artifacts resembling the ones seen in the show. Over that, the icons are changed into avatars resembling multiple characters from One-Punch Man. You can customize these icons as per your choice and enjoy working on Windows 7 with the feel of this anime.

13. Death Note

The famous mini-series based on the Japanese manga of the same name has been known worldwide and has been viewed in hundreds of languages. What better than bringing that thrill of Death Note on your Windows 7 PC using this theme suite. The theme doesn’t have many notifications besides providing a Mac-like taskbar on desktop and changing the Start icon. But the HD wallpapers based on anime’s characters

Ubuntu Themes for Windows 7

14. Ubuntu Ambience Theme

Despite being a freeware, Ubuntu does excel in color combinations its uses in its interface. Mostly, Ubuntu’s interface is based on Windows itself, apart from the icon pack and the font of the text used to display folder names. This theme converts your Windows 7 desktop into Ubuntu-styled computer. The orange-black combination is applied to every aspect along with the taskbar and folder menus, even the icons are changed as they are Ubuntu.

15. Maverick

Maverick again is a Ubuntu-inspired HD theme for Windows 7. It resembles the Ambience theme in wide ways but falls short of it one aspect. Maverick doesn’t change Windows 7 app icons, whereas Ambience does that for you. But yes, there is a completely revamped screen-top taskbar, which would give you a close glimpse of Ubuntu on Windows 7.

Mac Theme Windows 7 Desktop Free Download Games

These themes for Windows 7 will revamp the way you experience your daily work on a Windows 7 PC. From anime characters and freshly designed color combinations to new icons and fonts, you’ll get every alteration you need to revamp your Windows 7 desktop.

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