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Kiwix Reader

Kiwix mac download torrent

Kiwix for Windows Kiwix is a Mac program that provides you with a solution when you need to access info from the Wikipedia website and you don't have an Internet connection. The application allows you to download libraries containing certain categories of information from Wikipedia and access them when you don't have access to the Internet. Download Kiwix Portable - Enables individuals to easily browse and manage online dictionaries, encyclopedias or books without an active Internet connection.

Kiwix Mac DownloadKiwix mac download app

The Kiwix Reader runs on all platforms and operating systems – mobile (Android and iOS), desktop (macOS, GNU/Linux, and Windows) and even as browser extension (Chrome or Firefox).

The whole of Wikipedia on your device! The app is a lightweight piece of software reading bigger files stored on your device or SD card: once it is installed, you can select which additional content you would like to download (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, TED talks, etc.) and be ready for when your internet connection is bad (or need to be in airplane mode)! Please read the instructions inside the. Method#1: How to install and run Kiwix, Wikipedia offline For PC via BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2. Download and install BlueStacks App Player or BlueStacks 2 App Player. It totally depends on yourliking. BlueStacks 2 isn’t available for Mac OS X so far, so you will want to install BlueStacks if you’re using a Mac.

Simply chose the one you need, and go offline!

Content Packages

Kiwix Zim File Download

Our content packages (aka zim files) are exact copies of the best free content available on the Web to use offline: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Project Gutenberg, and many more coming every month.

More than a 1,000 files to chose from, in 100+ languages!


Custom Apps

Kiwix Wiki

Our Custom Apps combine a specific content package and a reader into one easy to install app. Wikimed, the medical encyclopedia, is the best known.

Custom Apps work on iOS, Android and Windows devices.


Kiwix-Serve is a ZIM compatible web server: it allows you to deliver content over the HTTP protocol within your local network.

Kiwix Mac Download

Simply start Kiwix-Serve on your machine, and your content will be available for anybody through their web browser.


The Kiwix Hotspot creates a local WiFi network to distribute content. This solution is especially useful for schools, libraries, and humanitarian organisation who need to scale without having to install software on everyone’s device.

No download needed on the user side.