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  1. VideoCopilot – JetStrike + FlightKit. Include: Flight Kit 360. Sky Map – 321.05 MB Flight Kit Aerial Explosions HD – 1.33GB Flight Kit Aircraft Sound FX – 432.95 MB. PACK FEATURES: Military & Commercial Jets Dual 4K Textures Highly Detailed 3D Models Multiple Texture Skins Fully Rigged inside Element 3D.
  2. Jetstrike, a arcade game released in 1994 by Rasputin Software. The game was released for Amiga computers and the Amiga CD32 console. Later on, a conversion was made for PC personal computers. Jetstrike, this is a typical arcade game (as we mentioned earlier) in which you sit on the controls of various flying machines such as F16, F15.

Jetstrike Free Download Mac Version


Video Copilot Jet Strike EXTRAS 3D File
obj FBX 3D models 12.2 GB


Video Copilot Flight Kit is an additional pack with sound effects, a heat distortion plug-in, and sky maps which complement the JetStrike Pack. Over 200 Aircraft Sound FX, 25 HDR Sky Maps. Full 360° maps at 4K Resolution with various cloud types and sunsets, High Definition Aerial Explosions Stock Footage, Plus an advanced Heat Distortion Plug-in.

Jetstrike Free Download Mac Software

Video Copilot Jet Strike EXTRAS 3D File

Pack Feature :
Military & Commercial Jets
Dual 4K Textures
Highly Detailed 3D Models
Multiple Texture Skins
Fully Rigged inside Element 3D

Universal Formats:
All Video Copilot model packs have been designed to work with numerous 3D programs from a single product.
Use them with Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Maya, Blender and of course, the powerful Element 3D plug-in.
Rigs are hard-coded into Element 3D only

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MIS, the FBI, NASA, the KGB, MOSSAD and even top secret agents from the North Beckinsdale Pigeon Fancier's Association swung into action immediately. They were swiftly halted in their tracks when they received a top level order warning of a massive campaign of bribery of government officials in all countries. It appeared that any overt attempt to destroy SPUDD would result in the downfall of most of the world's governments. SPUDD-controlled leaders would soon rise to replace them.

As the situation has worsened by the day, and SPUDD's forces have grown from strength to strength, the various agencies have now put together an underground task force which they hope will combat the growing threat. This elite task force comprises one agent (yourself - nice of you to volunteer by the way), a highly trained mechanic called Harry, and a field support officer to assign missions. The plan is that you will 'borrow' aircraft from local air forces and carry out secret strike missions on SPUDD forces while they are still small enough to have to stay hidden. Hopefully, by damaging their supply lines, factories and control centres, you should be able to ruin their plans of world domination. However, if you wreck too many expensive aircraft, your sponsors will not be able to cover for you, resulting in your sent back to the secret agent's Basic Training School.

In Jetstrike you must stop the devious SPUDD forces by attacking them with your 'borrowed' aircraft. Your Commanding Officer will give you a mission objective which you have to try to achieve without being shot down, blown up or crashing into mountains.

Jetstrike is an 2D side-scrolling action game like Brøderbund's Wings of Fury. The great difference between these games is, in Jetstike it's possible to use 32 aircraft and 6 helicopters in several combat-missions or to be a part of the Aerolympics.

One of the most unknown old games ever, Jetstrike is a great side-scrolling flying game in the spirit of classic Choplifter, but with many more options and gameplay features.

Aside from attractive VGA graphics and a wide variety of terrain to fly over, Jetstrike's highlight is the sheer number of gameplay variety. Options include Missions, Stunts, Combat, Landing, and a very addictive two-player mode. In the two player game, the first player attempts a mission for which points are awarded on completion of each part and for 'quality' of flight and landing. A quicker flight is better 'quality,' and perfect landings yield better scores. After several rounds, the player who has the most points is declared winner. The missions are challenging tests of skill, and include such novelties as flying around balloons, flying planes through tunnels, and landing on runways, etc.

Even in solo mode, the very creative missions will keep you occupied for a long time, and you will be surprised at the game's depth and replayabiloity. One notable quirk, though, is that the controls are hardly intuitive for a 2D side-scrolling game: down is up, and the controls are reversed when you fly in the opposite direction. The game also has some very tough missions that are extremely frustrating for beginners, such as those where you engage in dogfights, shoot at convoys of trucks, or try to land a bomb on a small target. Completing these tough missions, though, is far more rewarding than easy ones because you can earn many more points.

Another fun feature is a 'what if?' mode, which allows you to fly a major aircraft from any period and fight against your choice of enemy, again from any era. You can choose the number of computer opponents, and this allows for some ridiculous set pieces where you can vent your frustration, such as shooting down German Fokker triplanes in your F-16 or Sea Harrier. For a real challenge, of course, try firing up the legendary Sopwith Camel and take on the modern giants such as the MiG or the Tornado.

Jetstrike free download mac app

With a great number of gameplay varieties, attractive graphics, and fun two-player mode, Jetstrike is a perfect 'next game' for fans of Choplifter and its modern successor Armor Alley. The interface could be better, but at least it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

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How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

Jetstrike Free Download Mac Free

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.08 MB).

Jetstrike Free Download Mac

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