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Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Video Game, Developed By Ea’s Bright Light Studio And Published By Electronic Arts. The Game Was Released On June 30, 2009 And Is Based On The Film Of The Same Name.The Game Was Released On The, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Ds, Wii, Playstation.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a game developed by Electronic Arts Inc and it is listed in Games category under Adventure. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is licensed as Shareware which means that game is provided as a free download to users. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a action adventure video game for PC. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince available here to free download for PC. Can you download and install this game in your PC so please check below screenshots and system requirements to understand this PC game. How to Install & Download Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince PC Game How to Install & Download Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince pc game info How to.

Half-Blood Prince Features The Exploration Of Hogwarts And Casting Spells On Objects Around The School, Similar To Its Predecessor Order Of The Phoenix. The Game Also Includes Multiplayer Games, Classes, Different Times Of Day, Quidditch, Wizard Duels And Potion Making. The Marauder’s Map.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Video Game To Make Potions Is Done With The Wii Remote Or Analogue Stick. Harry Must Also Join The Potions Club, Which Is In The Herbology Classroom. Potions Ingredients Surround The Cauldron On The Work Bench, And Through Visual Symbols Which Pop Up.

Harry Is Also Named Quidditch Captain. Other Members On The Team Are Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, And Katie Bell. They All Participate In Try-Outs And In The Quidditch Cup Against Slytherin, Hufflepuff, And Ravenclaw. When Harry Has Detention, Ginny Is The Seeker, While Dean Takes Her Spot.

1. Unpack, Burn Or Mount

2. Install The Game

3. Play !

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Recommended Requirements

• INTEL CPU – Core 2 Duo E6420 2.13GHz

• AMD CPU – Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+

• NVIDIA GPU – GeForce GT 220

• AMD GPU – Radeon HD 4650

• RAM – 1 GB

• OS – Win Xp 32

• Direct X – 9

• HDD Space – 4 GB

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Duration : 2:23
Downloads : 207630
The Harry Potter movie trailer.
Your children will love it ;)
Portable player :
on 23 December 2009
on 17 July 2009
i like it
on 4 August 2008
i love harry potter films and books
that is my blog
on 22 January 2008
i liked your comment the-good-guy
on 22 January 2008
please no more request i have attached enough books
on 31 December 2007
hmm. i have all the harry potter books in ebook. after the deathly hallows was released, it was all over the net mates! wasnt even torrents, it was available from sites. in fact , there was this site that offered it in pdf, text, mp3 etc. haha. unfortunately, cant remember the site. anyway, why dont u buy the book! unless u are in a weird country. anyway, if u want the book, email me at [email protected] .
on 26 November 2007
i have got hp 1,2,3,6,7parts if any one need them mail me at [email protected]
on 22 July 2007
i just gotta say that you losers who want to download e-books of harry potter without paying, are bloody ass-holes and jackasses!!!! if you love harry potter so much, why not pay money for the actual book. at least then, you will have a nice book for you bookshelf (with the presumption that you own a bookshelf, because i assume you try to get illegal copies of books, in e-form for just about every book that tickles you fancy). To all of you who payed for your books, thank you for not being petty, criminal and hypocritical.
Peace out
on 21 July 2007
Please i want the harry potter books from 1-6. Can you send it to my mail id plzzzzzzzzz....
on 16 July 2007
Can anyone plz send me the Harry Potter e-books at my email id?
on 26 April 2007
hp 5th movie-order of phoenix to release in july.. saw the trailer on tv today. luck gud..
nyways, hav to c goblet of fire first.. ny idea whr i wil find on net free of cost
on 18 December 2006
you all say paragraphs about hp but hes so good and so r his books you cant say it in words
thanx jk rowling
on 3 December 2006
Please can u tell me where can I download Harry potter Books?
on 12 October 2006
Has anyone actually downloaded the books???
i dont think you can...
on 4 October 2006
plz plz plz plz can anyone tell me where i can download harry books from? il be really grateful...
pls email me on [email protected] even if u just wana chat about harry...
on 18 August 2006
I love Cedric diggory of harry potter movies . He is awesome . I wish I could marry him .
on 27 April 2006
I really like the book, full of pleasure and intertainment.
on 29 March 2006
i looooooooooov all harry potter books n movies they r all great.i have downloaded all books free from net.i want 2 thank j.k.rowling for writing such super books waiting for edition 7&8.
on 26 February 2006
Its not as good as chamber of secrets.
Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Mac Game Download
on 14 February 2006
Isn't it funny how everyone who has tried to 'dis' Harry Potter, haven't managed to actually string two words together to even make the slightest sense but intead have turned to meaningless swearing because their pea-sized brains are preventing them from understanding the 'big words' and 'difficult' story lines(!) (BEING SARCASTIC HERE IF YOU HAVN'T NOTICED!).
Oh yeah and if you detest Harry Potter that much why the hell have you even turned to a Harry Potter fan sight. Just go back and listen to your pointless, offensive, jargon that you call music.
on 8 January 2006
Hi Guys,
All those who talk nonsense abt harry potter are all idiots. i don't know whether they know how to read the books properly. so no wonder they don't understand the gud books. real idiots i must say. anyhow i hv read all the versions and hv enjoyed a lot. but the movies are a bit bad coz they cut out so many gud scenes as compared with the books.
I sincerly thx J.K. Rowling for her superb books.i am w8ing for the 7 and 8th version.
have fun with Harry Potter
Death Caster!!
on 21 December 2005
HARRY POTTER is an awesome book and movie! thanks to J.K. Rowling for the brilliant ideas. I've read all the six editions of the book and can't wait for the next one. It's like craving for something I haven't eat for years. But can you please tell me where to download the movies for free of without any charges? and if i can watch it through media player only? or if not, what softwares can i use to watch it. thank you very much & more power!
on 20 December 2005
plz let me know where i can get free ebook of harry potter series or free download of its films .i'm crazy abt harry plz let me know soon
on 1 December 2005
hey evryone i thought the film was faboulous - not as good as evryone made out but still an absoutley brilliant i also wish i copuld downoad the film for free i have managed to download it on limewire but it doesnt let you play it on windows media player :(
on 6 August 2005
Harry potter is just the best movie ever made i wish that i could go to hogwarts and magic was real that would be real fun!
on 9 July 2005
oh! i just love the harry potter series, JK rowling is the best. i really wish if i can go to hogwarts.I love hogwarts and harry.........
on 1 April 2005
I find HP the best story that I've ever heard of!!
I'm from Romania and I hate to say that not many people here even like the books or the movies. They say it's for children!!
Anyway, I can't wait to read the other books (5,6,7)! HP is the best!!!!!!!!!
on 7 January 2005
i have not got a site which will allow me to download harry potters updated series free of cost & i was trying hard to find it,but it must have an option to download atleast a single e-book comletly.i have read 4 books &i am not able to get the 5th book please send me the whole series on my mail
on 3 November 2004
I love the harry potter books! I would really really like the harry potter books 1-4 in html or .doc format! So i can read it on my palm and its really cool. Can someone please email the links to [email protected]?
Thanks in advance!
on 30 September 2004
Can anybody tell me where can i download the Harry potter Full movies for free without any memebership charges?????
on 15 August 2004
This is the best movie Ive ever seen I cant belive they gave it an 8!!!!!!!!!
on 4 June 2004
I can say that this film is at least the most beautiful and the actors are more attractive than keanu reeves or jackie chan.
on 13 May 2004
The Harry Potter movie series are all spectacular and magnificent. But I know that even if the director of the film wanted to be true to the book, a lot of the book was left out. May i know where I can download the HP books. It would be even great to read the books. Reading leaves a lot to the imagination. Reading is different from watching the movie. Reading makes you want to go to Hogwarts yourself and experience whatever adventures Harry had. i hope someone can tell me where I can download the books.
on 17 February 2004
can i play these with only media player?
on 19 January 2004
I would like to know where i can download the Harry Potter GAMES!!!
Plz, it's very,very important!!!
on 7 January 2004
does anybody were it is easy to download the 5th harry potter book please! i really need it
on 29 December 2003
hey all, i just love harry potter. plz if anyone can tell me where to download the books from for free??? thank u in advance
on 3 October 2003
i would really like this trailer if you could give me the address of another site that dose have it. thanx
on 13 September 2003
download the books here
on 10 August 2003
i just wish i could go ta hogwarts my self!!!!!!!
its the best movie realesed on the face of the earth!!!!!luv harry potter n hrmionie granger!!!!!
on 30 October 2002
I live in canada and i wanted to say that ticket prices are crazy. to get in we have to pay $10.50-$13.50 can. so thats all
p.s its crazy tell the people
on 30 October 2002
I would like to know where i can download the books.I also have read all the books and thought the movie was great but they should'nt have left out parts from the book.
on 23 October 2002
Just for reference, I love Harry Potter!!!
on 1 September 2002
realy harry potter is the most interesting person in the world.
i am sorry for peoples that think it is not good
and i thanks J.K.Roling because his books are the best in the world.
on 22 June 2002
i cant understand this people why their talking shit about HP.Well, Ithink their the kind of people who cant understand dont understand and dont want to understand.HP RULES.
on 20 June 2002
though i am over 22, i am in love with the potter series. where can i download the books from???????? i need a quick answer pls...
on 27 March 2002
Harry Potter is the epitome of what children's imaginations long for. Even many adults are drawn to the fascination of the phenomenon. I, myself have read all the available books and never in my life have I had more imaginative dreams or daydreamt more about wondrous other worlds of magic and mystery. Perhaps many of the people who dislike Harry missed the point-- to amuse the imaginations and encourage people to open their mind to other types of people and literature. Or maybe those people just did not understand the big words. (Sorry, had to insult the person who could not find any words beside curse-words to state his opinion.) The books, coupled with the movie are every child's and every adult who will admit to still being a child, dream come true, allowing the mind to create a magical world of potions, and creatures, friends and charms, turning staircases and moving photographs. I love Harry Potter, and even as an adult, I am willing to admit that my imagination (MUCH like many other adults) has been at bay for too long... this series allows my mind to launch a new look on life.
on 31 January 2002
Ha, Ha, isn't that the cutiest thing? The people who commented how terrible they found the Harry Potter movie to be, don't seem to be able to string two words together? Hum... they also don't seem to be able to find words to describe the movie without using profanity either.
So, for the remainder of you, the HP movie was absolutely not put together as well as LOTR, but it was good non the less. It put my mental image of the book on the screen. My only complaint was that HP 'true to the book' as far as visual things, really missed the boat on some things that ought to have been emphasized. If you read the book those things will bug you, but if you did not, you'll never notice the difference. Either way, I recommend the movie.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Mac Game Download Full

on 19 January 2002
I haven't seen the movies yet but liked the books. Does anyone know where I can download it for free??
on 12 January 2002
lol, the movie is pretty shit, i feel that lose 2hrs of my life watching that stupid movie, plz dont give a fuck with that
on 11 January 2002
This movie totally sux. I saw the lord of the rings first and then harry, man, harry is cheap.
Yeah, harry potter is my bitch too
on 11 January 2002
harry potter is my bitch
no way, i can´t believe people pay to see
this movie.
your friend
viva robotech
on 4 August 2001
les quatre livres parus en France sont parmis les plus interessant de la litterature d'aventure du xxeme siecle;ils sont doués d'un vrai pouvoir d'attraction sur le lecteur et j'espere que les fims auront de cette magie!
on 4 August 2001
I am a extra in the film so cant wait to see it when it comes out, i am in the bit where he is leaving to go to the wizard school, on the train station and on the train as it leaves.
on 26 July 2001
I don't really like the harry potter series, but the movie does look good. If you a fan of the book, see the movie, you are a fan of wizardary or magic, you should see it. It's a must see.
on 26 July 2001
speak for yourself.. ;)
I'm going to see it premier (sooner if I can)
I've read Harry Potter 1-3 in my language..
and just completed 1-4 in english..
There must be a sublime message, because I got to buy 5 (and 6 and 7)
I want to see this movie even more then Matrix 2, Planet of the apes and Atlantis together..

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