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The purpose of the GNU Fortran (GFortran) project is todevelop the Fortran compiler front end and run-time librariesfor GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection. GFortran development is partof the GNU Project. We seek to bringfree number crunching to a broad spectrum of platforms and users.

  • Gnumex is a package that allows Matlab mex and engine files written in C, C, Fortran 77 or Fortran 95 to be compiled with MinGW (or Cygwin) MS Windows versions of gcc, gfortran or g95. NOTE: Newer versions of Matlab now natively support Mingw, negating the need for this package.
  • Simply Fortran 3.13 for Mac is available as a free download on our software library. This software for Mac OS X was originally designed by Approximatrix, LLC. This Mac download was scanned by our antivirus and was rated as clean. Simply Fortran for Mac belongs to Developer Tools. The latest setup package occupies 69.2 MB on disk.
  • Fortran mac software, free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Mac Fortran Shareware and Freeware. F2cpp v.1.1.2 f2cpp is a python script to convert Fortran 77.

I think if you try this link and download the g95 (gfortran) you might get better results, but don't take my word for it. To get f77 you might be able to download some trial based software such as NAGware. Absoft Fortran is also another program. IBM makes one as well. These all should be backwards compatible with fortran 77. Comments and Blank Lines. A line with a c, C,., d, D,! In column one is a comment line, except that if the -xld option is set, then the lines starting with D or d are compiled as debug lines.

In particular, the project wishes to reach users of theFortran language, be it in the scientific community, education, or commercial environments. The GFortran compiler is fully compliantwith the Fortran 95 Standard and includes legacy F77 support.In addition, a significant number of Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008features are implemented. Please give it a try. If you encounter problems,contact us at the mailing list or file a problem report.

GFortran development follows the open development process. We dothis to attract a diverse team of developers and to ensure that GFortranworks on multiple architectures and diverse environments. We always needmore help. If you are interested in participating, please contact us [email protected](Also check out our mailing lists page.)

The Wiki and Getting the Compiler

For additional info on GFortran developments, you may find theGFortran wiki useful. Anyone may contribute information to the wiki. (Neither copyrightpaperwork nor a patch review process is required.)

The GNU Project is about providing source code for its programs. For convenience, a number of people regularly build binaries for different platforms. Links to these can be found at the wiki. Most of the binary executables are the latest development snapshots of GFortran and areprovided to encourage testing. We also want new users, from studentsto masters of the art of Fortran, to try GFortran.It really is a great compiler!

Project Objectives

We strive to provide a high quality Fortran compiler that workswell on a variety of native targets. This means:

  • Conformance to Fortran standards, primarily Fortran 95, 2003,and 2008

  • Performance of executables and computational accuracy

  • Reasonable compile speed and cross compilation capability

  • Good diagnostics and debugging features

  • Legacy code support where practical.

Extensions in GNU Fortran

The initial goal of the GNU Fortran Project was construction of aFortran 95 compiler that complies with the ISO Fortran 95 ProgrammingLanguage standard [ISO/IEC 1539-1:1997(E)]. We are now well intoF2003 and F2008 features.The GFortranwiki and our bug trackerlist features under development or yet to be implemented. Compilercapability is quite extensive and includes nearly all g77 features.We highly encourage users to move from g77, which is no longermaintained, and start taking advantage of GFortran's modern features.Legacy g77 code will compile fine in almost all cases.

Status of Compiler and Run-time Library

We regularly update thestatusof the front end and run-time library development.


We encourage everyone to contribute changes and help test GNU Fortran. GNU Fortran is developed onthe mainline of GCC and has been part of the compiler collectionsince the 4.0.0 release.

Contributions will be reviewed by at least one of the followingpeople:

  • Paul Brook
  • Steven Bosscher
  • Bud Davis
  • Jerry DeLisle
  • Toon Moene
  • Tobias Schlueter
  • Janne Blomqvist
  • Steve Kargl
  • Thomas Koenig
  • Paul Thomas
  • Janus Weil
  • Daniel Kraft
  • Daniel Franke

Under the rules specified below:

  • All normalrequirements for patch submission (assignment of copyright tothe FSF, testing, ChangeLog entries, etc) still apply, andreviewers should ensure that these have been met before approvingchanges.
  • Approval should be necessary forpatches which don't fall under the obvious rule. So, with the approver listput in place, everybody (except maintainers) should still seek approval for his/her patches. We have found the mutual peer review process really works well.
  • Patches should only be reviewed bypeople who know the affected parts of the compiler. (i.e. thereviewer has to be sure he/she knows stuff well enough to make agood judgment.)
  • Large/complicated patches shouldstill go by one of our maintainers, or team consensus.
  • We are all reasonable people, and nobody is working underemployer pressure or needs an ego-boost badly, so in general weassume that no-one deliberately does anything stupid :-)

The directories involved are:

  1. gcc/gcc/fortran/
  2. gcc/gcc/testsuite/gfortran.dg/
  3. gcc/gcc/testsuite/gfortran.fortran-torture/
  4. gcc/libgfortran/


The manuals for release and current development versions of GNUFortran can be downloaded from thewiki documentationpage or theGCC online documents page.


Fortran 77 Download Mac Iso

Here is a shortexplanationon how to invoke and use the compiler once you have built it (ordownloaded the binary).

Fortran 77 Download Mac 10.10

Suggested Reading

We provide links to other informationrelevant to Fortran programmers; theGFortranwiki contains further links.

For questions related to the use of GCC,please consult these web pages and theGCC manuals. If that fails,the [email protected] list might help.Comments on these web pages and the development of GCC are welcome on ourdeveloper list at [email protected] of our listshave public archives.

Copyright (C)Free Software Foundation, Inc.Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article ispermitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

These pages aremaintained by the GCC team.Last modified 2020-01-21.

Fortran 77 Standard

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  • Generating derivative structures v.1.0A Fortran 95 implementation of an algorithm for generating derivative structures of a parent lattice. The algorithm is discussed in detail in: Gus L. W. Hart and Rodney Forcade, 'A new approach to generating derivative structures,' Phys. Rev B.
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