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Whilst Football Manager 2019 Touch can be purchased on PC/Mac as well as different mobile OS you only get the PC/Mac version free when you pre-order Football Manager 2019, if you want it on another format you need to purchase it via the appropriate App Store. Free download Football Manager 2018 Football Manager 2018 for Mac OS X. Football Manager 2018 is the latest release in the best-selling, smash-hit series.


Download Football Manager 2018 Equal Youth Rating Database & Find Worldwide Wonderkids

Welcome to a different and unique Football Manager 2018 database. This time ProcrastinatorFM has created a brilliant database which sets equal youth rating for all playable nations within Football Manager 2018. By downloading the FM 2018 equal youth rating database by ProcrastinatorFM, all nations worldwide will have an equal chance to produce an equal average potential ability level for their new regens coming through at the annual youth intake.

This FM18 database makes it more fun to manage in minor countries as they will be more likely to produce future wonderkids and international players as Brazil or Argentina. The FM 2018 equal youth rating database comes with three different youth rating levels for all nations.

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Youth Rating influences how likely specific nations can produce an average amount of quality regens; the average number of regens who can become world class players or players with higher reputation in the future. In the default database, a nation with a better Youth Rating will over time produce regens with higher standard than a nation with a lower level. But it is not a definite matter that the nation will constantly produce the best regens, as this is also tied to club reputations, their youth facilities and chance. The Football Manager Youth Rating is a static attribute found within the official editor. It’s worth noting before continuing that the best Youth Rating on the default database is set at 163 for Brazil, with the maximum Youth Rating possible being 200.

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With these 3 separate edited databases, we level the playing field, putting all nations on the same Youth Rating. The 3 databases vary in realism, with each database having all nations set at 200, 150 or 135 youth rating.

With all the Youth Ratings set to the maximum of 200, the game will produce lots of high quality regens from a vast range of nations. This is an incredibly fun, albeit unrealistic, option to add to the game, and can mean that some more obscure nations could do well. This is probably the best database if you want the kind of save where you bring world domination to Tottenham Hotspur with a team full of top youngsters from China and Gibraltar.

With all the Youth Ratings set to 150, the game will still produce quite a few high quality regens from many nations. Less, but still quite a lot and still very very good. This is slightly more realistic than the 200 option.

Finally is the database we consider to be the most realistic, with all the Youth Ratings set at 135. We feel this is the best setting if you still want a realistic save, as the other youth factors like club reputation, quality of youth facilities and recruitment levels, and a level of chance will still impact the quality of your youth intakes.

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This database also changes the template for mental attributes of players, ranging from the highest possible, to a generally average level as the Youth Rating decreases. This will make players even better as they grow and develop years down the line!

This means that as you improve these factors, wherever you start your career be it Andorra or Scotland, the quality of your youth intakes will improve with it. This happens to an extent on the default database, but because the Youth Rating is static, eventually you’ll hit your maximum and in a nation with a very low Youth Rating like Gibraltar that maximum is very low. These databases put every nation on a level playing field in terms of Youth Rating, but of course until you improve the factors affecting youth intakes, nations where the facilities are already established will still produce more quality regens in the beginning.

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The Football Manager 2018 Equal Youth Ratings Databases feature all nations having the same Youth Ratings within Football Manager.
Attached below are three different databases – the main link goes to a 135 potential ability database, while the second and third link are 150 PA and 200PA.

Fm18 Mac Download Torrent

Download the FM17 Version here.


  • Download the data editor file above and import the database to this specific folder:
    1. – PC USERS:
      Import the files to the specific folder: “Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018 > Editor Data
    2. – MAC USERS:
      Download and extract the files to: Macintosh HDusersUSERNAMEDocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2018Editor Data
  • If editor data folder is not there, create one yourself. Other names will not recognize the files inside the game.
  • Start a new save and click “edit” custom files. Pick one of the three editor data files called “Youth Ratings xxx” depending on which database you want and click load.