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When you buy your first Mac or MacBook you will be a bit overwhelmed by how different macOS is in comparison with other operating systems. So to get started right away you will need some free apps that can help you do basic stuff like write text or edit photos.

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There are many apps for Mac which are very useful. Here are some FREE amazing apps that will make your life better:

1. Image Frame

If you need an application that helps you improve your photos, Image Frame is one of the best in the business. This app comes with 50 frame designs, 7 artistic image effects and the possibility to convert and resize the images in batch mode. You can download Image Frame for free on the Mac App Store.

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2. Audacity

One of the apps on the Mac App Store that can help you modify audio content is Audacity. This app can cut or arrange sections in your audio content and it can even remove the noise from recordings. It might not be a masterpiece, but Audacity gets the job done.

3. GIPHY Capture

This app is pure gold for GIF enthusiasts. All you need to do is position the GIPHY screen over what you want to record and you can create a GIF. It’s very easy to use and a great tool for anyone.

4. Google Photos

Google Photos is a free app that helps you upload as many photos or videos as you like for free. The user just needs to have a Google account or create one otherwise. Also, Google Photos has the ability to identify photos automatically using a neural network.

5. LibreOffice Writer

This app opens .doc and .docx files and it can provide you a multitude of ways to style and format a document. Also, you can download different extension that will make you use this app very often.

6. myTuner Radio

If you are a music lover, this app is perfect for you. You can save your favourite radio stations from anywhere in the world, and listen to them anytime.

7. Photo Effects (Lite)

There are a lot of effects that you can apply to your photos using the tools that macOS offers you, but if you would like some more you should download Photo Effects. You can play with the intensity of the effects turning them up or down, and then enjoy your creation.

8. Shazam

Shazam is an amazing app for iOS that helps you find out what track is playing instantly. If you are a fan of this app you can also find it now on the Mac App Store. What makes the Mac version of Shazam more special is the possibility of putting the app in AUTO mode so it can identify music at all times so you can listen to it later on.

9. SketchBook

If you are talented or you just want to create a painting, you can do it using SketchBook for free. You will find a lot of painting tools and some great animations that will help you create some amazing drawings.

10. Who’s On My WiFi

That is a question many of us are asking. This app helps you find out who is using your WiFi connection with or without your permission. So, if you have a person who is using your connection abusively without you knowing, you will find out immediately who he is.

11. VLC

If you can’t view certain videos, VLC is the perfect app for you. It can also play the same audio contents that iTunes and QuickTime can play. Also, it’s very versatile and it supports a lot of formats.

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12. WhatsApp Desktop

If you are a WhatsApp user on your phone you can also use the app on your Mac. After you download the app you need to open WhatsApp on your phone, go to Settings and scan the code on your desktop monitor. After this, you will see your WhatsApp messages on your desktop.

13. Total VPN

For accessing some web content that’s locked in certain countries you can use a VPN app. With the free version of Total VPN you will be able to access three locations with a limited usage.

14. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a great open source email client created by Mozilla that helps you communicate with a lot of people. It offers some amazing features and it can also be used together with Facebook, Twitter and more.

15. Slack

If you have a Mac and don’t know how to communicate with your friends, you should download Slack. You can talk to them via channels about anything you want.

16. Sophos Anti-Virus

Even if Macs don’t have many problems with viruses, Sophos Anti-Virus is a good opportunity to be sure you don’t have any threats on your Mac. This app detects approximately 99% of all threats for free.

17. Speedtest by Ookla

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If you don’t have the best broadband connection, this app is very useful for any Mac user. You can very easily verify your upload and download speed.

18. Text Wrangler

If you need to write a code or a script on your Mac, you have to download Text Wrangler. This app is the free version of BBEdit and gives you some of its best features.

A goldmine for all the Apple lovers and enthusiasts. This is a list of hand-picked blogs and websites which covers news, rumors, opinion, insights, reviews, predictions, how-to guides, hacks, tricks, recommendations and more; for all Apple products and services.

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Bookmark this article as a resource you can refer to later in your journey stay updated with all things Apple. The resources below are timeless.

Free Mac Apps Downloads

1. MacWorld – A website and monthly magazine dedicated to software and other products of Apple Incorporated.

2. 9to5mac – A daily news site about all things Apple. Digs deep information about the secretive Cupertino-based company.

3. Apple Insider – Inside news and analysis about products and services from Apple.

4. Cult of Mac – One of the most popular blogs about Apple. Timely news, insightful analysis, helpful how-tos and good reviews.

5. iDownload Blog – iDB started in 2008 as an online blog covering device jailbreak information, Apple news, reviews, editorials, guides and tutorials about the iPhone, iPad, and everything iOS.

6. TUAW – It publishes headlines, credible rumors and how-to guides covering a variety of topics everyday.

7. Mac Rumors – Launched in 2000 by Arnold Kim. Aggregates mac and Apple related news, rumours and reports.

8. MacNN – They write dozens of news stories related to iTunes, iPod, and the Mac industry, tracking the latest developments in the computer, Apple-related and Mac.

“By the way, if you get mad at your Mac laptop and wonder who designed this demonic device, notice the manufacturer’s icon on top: an apple with a bite out of it.”
― Peter Kreeft

9. Redmond Pie – Focused on technology news, views and reviews about products/services from Microsoft and its competitors like Apple and Google.

10. Mac User – Started in 1985, it’s a UK-based magazine about Apple.

Free Mac Downloads

Free mac software download sites

11. T-Gaap – A blog and podcasts by Mark Reschke, Karl Johnson and E. Werner Reschke.

12. iLounge – Founded by Dennis Lloyd in 2001. It’s an independent blog covering all things related to iPod, iPhone, iPad & related software.

13. iPhone Hacks – Covers news, reviews and tips of iPhone, iPad, iOS, jailbreak, apps, tips, how-to’s, videos, forums and deals.

14. iMore – Headed by Rene Ritchie, iMore is a user-friendly and great source for daily tips, news, in-depth analysis and recommendations.

15. The Mac Observer – TMO is dedicated to all things Apple, iPhone, iPad & Mac. Providing Mac geeks the latest news, opinions, tips, and reviews on a range of products and services.

Best Mac Software Download Sites

16. MacDailyNews – One website to rule them all. It shows latest posts from all popular websites about Apple.

This list will be updated regularly. Stay tuned.