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In this topic, we share the direct download link of the latest Adobe Patcher 2020 Zii 6.0.2 – The perfect and best tool to get any Adobe softwares activated in seconds by just one single click. Important: All published Zii 6.0.2 around internet is fake one. Adobe Zii Patcher 2021 6.0.2 is a small and nice utility which helps you overlook about all issues with the registration of all Adobe current Read More Adobe Activator Posted on October 3, 2020 October 24, 2020.

安装步骤xxx.app已损坏,你应该将它移到废纸篓」 或者 「来自身份不明开发者」问题的解决方法

运行 Adobe Zii 2019

双击运行【Adobe Zii 2019】,然后点击【打开】

使用Adobe Zii 进行一键激活

点击PATCH OR DRAG按钮,Adobe Zii会检测可以破解的Adobe系列软件,输入电脑密码后,自动打补丁。

如提示: Root permission required,请点OK





Adobe Zii 2019 Reddit Mac Download


Adobe zii mac 2019

Adobe Zii是一款Mac平台上的Adobe系列软件激活工具,可激活Adobe软件:Adobe Photoshop CC 2019,Adobe Illustrator CC 2019,Adobe InCopy CC 2019,Adobe InDesign CC 2019,Adobe Prelude CC 2019,Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019,Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019,Adobe After Effects CC 2019,Adobe Audition CC 2019,Adobe Bridge CC 2019 v9.0.2,Adobe Character Animator CC 2019 v2.0.1,Adobe Lightroom CC 2019,Adobe XD CC

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe InCopy CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe InDesign CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Prelude CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe After Effects CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Audition CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Bridge CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Character Animator CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019 破解激活
Adobe zii reddit
Adobe Acrobat DC/Pro 破解激活
Adobe Premiere Rush 破解激活

Adobe Zii 2019 Reddit Mac Download

Adobe Dimension CC 破解激活
Adobe XD CC 2019 破解激活(免费无需激活)

Is Adobe Zii Patcher a good variant if you need CC 2020 or CC 2015 for free? Adobe introduced an obligatory monthly fee for all its products regardless of the software you use. It gave rise to the appearance of a great number of unsatisfied users, who started looking for Adobe alternatives. Some of them even took the path of piracy and installed Adobe Zii.

What Is Adobe Zii?

I am sure that you haven’t heard of Zii unless you violated the law downloading illegal software. So, what is Adobe Zii? The creator with a nickname TNT said that it is a patch that will allow you to use any Adobe products illegally.

This Adobe Patcher works solely on macOS system and may be downloaded on various pirate sites. Although macOS is protected from malicious software to the fullest extent possible, according to the forum users, it is not protected from Adobe Zii. I have communicated with some of them and may confidently describe its disadvantages.

I support those claiming that the monthly fee for Photoshop or Premiere is not as pleasant as a single purchase, since now, with a one-time payment, you may get only Elements software or almost outdated Lightroom 6. I recommend to try other legal ways to download Free Adobe Softwares.

Why Should You Not Use Adobe Zii?

Adobe zii 2019 reddit mac download torrent

Many users believe that there is nothing bad about installing Adobe Zii on their computers, giving it access to the system and cracking the Adobe software package. It sounds funny, isn’t it?

However, experts from the Malwarebytes Company have found malicious software named DarthMiner orientated on macOS users. It disguises itself as Adobe Zii Mac. However, this malware doesn’t crack anything but your computer.

The only aim and functionality of DarthMiner is launching a script that will, in its turn, provide an opportunity to execute remote commands on your Mac without you knowing about it.

If the firewall didn’t prevent virus infection, software starts cryptocurrency mining, and makes this process a prioritized one. It is clear that this process requires almost all the resources of your computer.

Therefore, it will be impossible to use it for your purposes. Specialists warn that the potential of this malware may be far more serious.

The funniest thing is that you never know what version of Adobe Patch you download. Maybe your version hides DarthMiner or you may find something new that will make your computer work even slower or break it down.

Adobe zii 2019 reddit mac download cnet

Adobe Zii Disadvantages

Pirated software is a computer program illegally copied and sold by cybercriminals. They sell it to trusting people, commonly, via the net or at cheap sales points. The list of pirated software also includes different patches, such as Adobe Zii; it makes paid programs free by hacking them directly on your computer. Therefore, at this moment you are a hacker.

1. It Is Illegal and You Will Be Punished

Few people understand except for the developers themselves, that computer programs are covered by copyrights and are protected by the current legislation. So, what risks do you take while using illegal software?

In the majority of countries, illegal downloading of content causes real administrative or even criminal liability. There are three levels of risk which you are exposed to downloading/using/hacking software.

In the USA and Europe, for piracy, first, providers send violators letters with the request not to download illegal content. If a user continues illegal downloading, they will cut off his/her Internet connection and break down the contact with the provider. In Europe, you are likely to get fined in the amount of $155-1000. In the USA, it is the same. The worst punishment is for pirates in Japan. Having downloaded illegal software, a user risks not only to get a fine up to 2 million yen (approximately 18 thousand dollars) but also get into prison for two years.

2. Malware on Your Mac

Undoubtedly, you may be happy because you haven’t paid a penny for the necessary program and easily use it for your needs. But this happiness will vanish as soon as problems with malicious illegal software begin. It may slow your computer down or, which is more common, enforce you to reinstall your OS.

3. Updates and Apps Will Be Closed for You

If you have a licensed OS installed on your computer, you also get an opportunity to use all the benefits available only for the owners of licensed software: latest program updates, free apps and more. Besides, licensed programs don’t collect data about t users and don’t track them.

4. Unstable and Lagging

When you purchase licensed soft, you save your time ‒ the most valuable thing you have. In this case, you may be sure that buying the program designed by the developers you don’t get any “unpleasant bonuses”.

The licensed product provides the maximum stability of performance and, in case any failures happen, you may apply to the technical support. Even if you don’t use the official technical support and address other specialists, not every qualified expert will help you with illegal software.

Free Alternatives

If you are not engaged in any professional work with photos/videos/designs, etc., you don’t need to use Adobe programs. Many of them have free alternatives, which, of course, don’t offer the whole range of functions and possibilities of the licensed products but they will certainly satisfy the majority of your requirements.

1. Pixlr

  • RAW support
  • Available via a browser
  • Easy learning curve
  • Smooth performance without lags
  • Requires Internet connection
  • Difficult to get used to working in the browser

Pixlr ‒ is a free online picture editor offering many extended functions. It surpasses many free desktop applications. You don’t have to install it since the tool works directly in the browser, has Photoshop-like interface and supports RAW files.

It has a clear interface with an icon-structure, so you won’t get distracted by many options simultaneously. Some tools are still in the beta testing phase but Pixlr is relatively new and future updates will undoubtedly offer significant improvements.

  • Read my detailed Pixlr review.

2. RawTherapee

  • Offers wide possibilities like Camera RAW or Lightroom
  • Integrated photo manager
  • Photo rating system for convenient selection
  • The interface isn’t very intuitive
  • There are few qualitative RawTherapee tutorials

If you are looking for a decent alternative to process RAW files for free, RawTherapee is exactly what you need. It offers such options as HDR tone matching, color handling, histogram matching, etc.

The thing that attracts the majority of customers is its user-friendliness. Offering numerous tools and functions, it is suitable even for amateur retouchers. Moreover, people like its responsive Technical Support. Besides, the program is completely free.

  • Read myRawtherapee review to know more about this software.

3. DaVinci Resolve

  • Fusion Package to create visual effects
  • Multifunctional
  • Perfect for video color correction

Adobe Zii 2019 Reddit Mac Download Cracked

  • Steep learning curve

Adobe Zii 2019 Reddit Mac Download Version

DaVinci Resolve is claimed to be a great Adobe Premiere Pro CC alternative. You may perform almost all video operations that are available in Premiere.

The most convenient function for me is the color correction. Just as Adobe created its system of artificial intelligence called Sensei, Blackmagic integrated “DaVinci Neural Engine” into their application. It supports motion blur, automatic color comparison, facial recognition and more.

Adobe Zii Reddit

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